SNAP® IDE Features and Benefits


The SNAP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) enables enterprise-wide data integration while providing developers a platform for rapid expert system development.  For a detailed discussion of SNAP IDE features and benefits, contact us.





Rapid Application Development for Command and Control

  • The underlying code anticipates common command and control requirements for rapid development
  • Developers can focus on customer specifics while leveraging common expert system features
  • Time-to-market of enterprise applications is significantly reduced


Core Inference Engine

  • The power of forward and backward chaining enables developers to deploy intelligent reasoning to events and data within their applications
  • Develop expert systems that handle complex decision making with ease


Fast Deployment

  • Use of templates and existing libraries enable rapid application of systems outside of command and control as well


High Reliability

  • SNAP applications have documented up-time measured in years



  • Can be run on Unix, Linux and Windows platforms


Easy to Learn

  • Experienced C++ or Java developers can learn SNAP in as little as a week’s time
  • API programming is done in C or C++







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