Intelligent Information Manager (SNAP® I2M)


Organize, Analyze, Act!

Intelligent Information Manager is a web-based application that transforms complex enterprise data into work-products. Using SNAP I2M you can quickly organize information from a variety of current sources, analyze the data to understand relationships and support key decisions, then act on the data by using business logic to create work-products in targeted COTS applications.



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Key Benefits

Leverage the untapped intelligence available in existing business data

SNAP I2M helps your organization merge information from disparate data sources into a universal data model. The flexible model allows you to visually explore relationships within data drawn from different sources, including Portfolio and Planning systems, PDM applications, Intelligence DBs, and more.



Apply logic to automate repeatable tasks based on best-practices

With our unique rule engine, you can build business logic that allows you to respond to your data using repeatable and consistent global processes. Use business rules to inspect incoming data and create work products like schedules, product designs, work orders and more in linked targeted applications you are already using. Using the SNAP I2M rule engine allows you to:

Integrate third party COTS applications

SNAP I2M helps you bridge the gap between your enterprise data and the tools used by decision makers. Our open system connects to vendor neutral COTS applications, either as data sources or target applications for initiation of work products. Our Windows and Java versions of SNAP I2M are capable of large data volumes and support multiple users with a role based interface.







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