SNAP® I2M Features and Benefits


SNAP I2M provides a powerful solution for managing complex data relationships and business logic. For a detailed discussion of SNAP I2M features and benefits, contact us.





  • Cost and time effective deployment and maintenance
  • Standards-based
  • Shared access to real-time data

User friendly, flexible rule engine

  • Start building rules based on your business logic in minutes
  • Manage Data and COTS integration using business-specific logic
  • Consistent process deployed across multiple global business units
  • Flexibility to revise business logic as the business environment changes, internal processes are revised or business units are reorganized
  • Automate manpower intensive processes

Flexible data model for incorporating large scale enterprise specific databases

  • Deployable across various domains and data environments
  • Tie together disparate data from current systems
  • Data can be used for reasoning and moved to RPlan® or other COTS

Visual presentation of relationships across enterprise data

  • Rapid analysis of data relationships
  • Create custom work breakdown structures for data driven programs
  • “Drill” up and down through program specific or enterprise data

Off the shelf connection to RPlan®

  • Connect enterprise data to a collaborative project management software suite
  • Build schedules based on real-time information
  • Data-driven change management

Adaptable to other COTS target applications

  • Create work-products in a wide variety of existing COTS applications
  • Enhance existing COTS with the intelligent integration of real-time data






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