Products Overview

SNAP® I2M Intelligent Information Manager

I2M Logo

SNAP I2M provides world-wide enterprise information sharing that converts data from disparate sources to actionable information in near real time. A powerful data-centered, decision support technology for managing access to complex, disparate data sources - SNAP I2M is Information Sharing.


RPlan® Collaborative Project Management Software Suite

RPlan Logo RPlan is based on decentralized instead of centralized planning; on communication and cooperation instead of rigid calculation algorithms. RPlan helps you to establish continuous enterprise project management and therefore provides you with perfect support in your complex product development process and multi-project management.

SNAP® Integrated Development Environment

SNAP Product Family Logo The SNAP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a development toolkit that uses inferencing technology to provide a network centric infrastructure for large, distributed, peer-to-peer mission critical systems.


RSTA-DSS Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition
Decision Support System

RSTA-DSS integrates RSTA mission planning, sensor
and platform modeling, inferencing, and advanced
visualization into a single 2D/3D geospatial display.





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