RSTA-DSS Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition Decision Support System


Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition Decision Support System (RSTA-DSS) supports intelligence gathering, force protection, and critical infrastructure protection missions involving platform selection and maneuver planning; sensor selection and placement; and data fusion. RSTA-DSS helps unit leaders to select and employ a variety of RSTA tools in an integrated way, using both their own tools and others provided to them, including:

• Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

• Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS)

• Unattended Ground Vehicles (UGV)



RSTA-DSS integrates RSTA mission planning, sensorand platform modeling, inferencing, and advanced visualization into a single 2D/3D geospatial display. The user friendly interface allows RSTA mission planners to develop and integrate tactical mission information requirements with technical platform/sensor modeling to prepare for sensor emplacement. RSTA-DSS was developed under an SBIR Phase III contract with the Intelligent Systems Branch of the U.S. Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Command (ARDEC) under the guidance of the Asymmetric Warfare Group.


RSTA-DSS assists planners with RSTA course of action development by considering
planning guidance. This includes the number/types of courses of action to develop; specific
information requirements and priorities; platform/sensor availability and performance; and constraints related to threat, terrain, weather, and control measures. The user may select
from among recommended courses of action to develop a final plan or use RSTA-DSS decision support functionality to assist in developing a directed course of action. Outputs include an Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) task matrix, mission data transfer, and mission rehearsal using advanced visualization techniques.




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