SNAP® Integrated Development Environment (IDE)


SNAPThe SNAP technology stack is a family of integrated application development tools for the implementation of enterprise-wide, distributed applications. The SNAP family consists of the Enterprise and application templates. The Enterprise Template is the core technology. Application Templates are solution-specific groups of functional code that are designed to seamlessly layer on top of the Enterprise Template foundation.

Use of template technology enables:

Key Benefits


Rapid Application Development Platform

SNAP is a rapid application development (RAD) environment for the construction of command and control applications. SNAP anticipates the common requirements of command and control systems. As a consequence, there is far less work to be done using SNAP than there is using C++ or Java. Applications which normally take several years to implement with conventional approaches can be built with small teams in six months or less. You may think of SNAP as a spreadsheet for building command and control applications.



Real-Time Event Driven Model

At the core of the SNAP product architecture is the event manager which monitors internal application events as well as user defined events. User defined events are custom events created by the application developer. The event manager monitors these events at run time, and takes the custom defined action when the event fires. This provides a powerful ‘trigger and response’ mechanism that enables applications to process handle complex events in real-time.


Intelligent Processing Via SNAP’s Core Inference Engine

SNAP has a fully functional forward and backward chaining inference engine at the core of the product. This capability enables applications to apply intelligent reasoning to business processes, events, and data.  By creating a knowledge base, via rules, a decision tree is formed which allows business processing scenarios to be modeled and evaluated in a dynamic fashion. This powerful inference capability allows expert systems to be developed that handle complex decision making with efficiency and ease.






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