SNAP® Integrated Development Environment In Action

SNAP‘s flexible integrated development environment can be leveraged to build decision support and real-time data monitoring applications that can be used in a broad range of domains.  For the last ten years, fortune 50 companies in industries as diverse as finance and transportation have looked to SNAP as the platform for distributed, peer-to-peer decision support applications.



To help illustrate the flexibility that this platform provides, we’ve put together a series of short case studies using three very different scenarios.




Electronic Document Management

A growing service provider with a focus on prompt customer service needs an electronic document management system to control customer service requests and general correspondence.  A system powered by SNAP can be built to:

Result:  A document management system that automates your organization’s optimized workflow to support fast and informed customer service responses.



Real-Time Traffic Management

A national railway company with dispatchers managing the transportation of millions of travelers and cargo per year needs a flexible solution that offers real-time traffic monitoring and operational decision support.  A system powered by SNAP can be built to:

Result:  A traffic management system that offers real-time control with the decision support tools to continuously improve operational performance



Product Management and Distribution

A wholesaler who manages the purchase orders and distribution of products to locations around the globe needs a decision support system to link incoming orders with distribution options to maximize on-time delivery and transportation costs.  A system powered by SNAP can be built to:

Result:  An integrated system that provides critical insight, analysis and decision support for the wholesaler’s life-cycle management of an order.







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