RPlan® Features and Benefits

RPlan provides an enterprise-wide solution for managing complex integrated projects. Create schedules, manage schedule development and collaborate with stakeholders during project execution. For a detailed discussion of RPlan features and benefits, contact us.




Fully Integrated with SNAP® I2M

  • Maintain relationship of external data components and schedules to enable viewing schedules in context of external data
  • Initiate schedule in RPlan Schedule Manager in real time or batch mode using SNAP I2M's rule engine and external data
  • Automatically link related tasks across hundreds of schedules


Manage Project Status

  • Proactive project controlling based on tracking and assessing project targets
  • Manage risks and issues in one central database
  • Document implementation and tracking of countermeasures
  • Provide early-warning based on progress assessments
  • Retain “lessons learned” for follow-up projects


Powerful Reporting Tools

  • Document and visualize project status in custom reports
  • Combine and evaluate multiple projects
  • Use data originating from the entire RPlan portfolio and from external sources such as ERP systems
  • Provide decision-making basis for management, employees, suppliers and partners
  • Focus display and presentation on key project parameters
  • Option to provide detail on project, schedule and task level
  • Business intelligence capability using integrated Crystal Reports


Resource Management

  • Immediate overview of resource availability, workload, and costs
  • Adjusts flexibly to your project and organisation structure
  • Takes task split between line and project management into account
  • Accurate information on bottlenecks, free capacity and budget overrun
  • Scenario representation
  • Pooled or individual resource planning



  • Up-to-date planning data with company-wide availability via browser (intranet / internet)
  • Cost and time effective deployment and maintenance
  • Standards-based
  • Shared access to real-time data

Offline Planning


  • Enables planning and monitoring of project schedules independent from access to a company database.






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