Defense/Logistics Industries

For more than a decade, Template Software has provided the U.S. Government with a mix of technology and subject matter expertise within the defense and logistics sectors. Our acquisition professionals and logisticians plan, develop, implement, and manage support strategies for total life cycle systems management.


In addition to providing subject matter expertise and project planning, our suite of information sharing software is highly adaptable to logistics and intelligence applications.


SNAP® I2M Offers Flexible Data Integration and Analysis

Whether your managing inventories located across the globe, tracking parts from dispersed depots, or correlating intelligence information from multiple incoming sources, SNAP I2M can integrate your enterprise data into a single interface while providing powerful organizational and analytical capabilities.


How Does it Work?

SNAP I2M’s highly flexible back-end processing can be configured to intelligently integrate data from disparate sources throughout your enterprise. Based on your business processes, your data is then organized into structured programs and made available in real-time through a web-based interface.


Using I2M’s powerful and flexible rule engine, your business processes can be applied for data analysis and discovery. In addition, rules can be used to automate the flow of your data into third party applications, such as project management, purchasing, work-order and notification systems. Because of I2M’s flexible and user friendly design, administrators can rapidly incorporate new policies and processes into the system without the need for any customization or code changes.


More over, as changes to your source data occur, they are flagged for analysis and processing in I2M. This allows your logisticians, analysts and program managers to focus on the impact of changes quickly and act on them in near real-time.

More than Technology

Working with your organization’s business and technical specialists, our subject matter experts enable rapid configuration and implementation of Template Software solutions by leveraging their understanding of your industry’s language, processes, and data.


Our logistics elements and areas of expertise include:





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