Product Deployment & Support

SNAP® I2M Deployment and Support

With SNAP I2M, organizations can draw on the information that has been developed across applications to analyze new problems. Moreover, using SNAP I2M’s flexible back-end processing, your existing data can be used as input to new applications, eliminating the need for costly data re-entry or duplication. We have developed a full complement of support services to ensure that your organization gains the maximum benefit from your investment in SNAP I2M, including:

SNAP Product Support

Template Software will assist you with a team of technical specialists trained to provide software support services, including telephone hot-line support, problem reporting and resolution, and upgrades. The company’s technical support staff is one of the industry's finest—dedicated, highly qualified technical service engineers whose full-time job is customer support and service during all phases of technology transfer and maintenance of your project. Our goal is to make sure that you are able to efficiently use our products to solve your integration and automation needs. To ensure your satisfaction, we are committed to providing timely and accurate technical support.


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