RPlan® 9.0 Now Available

May 4, 2007, Arlington VA. Template Software announced that Actano GmbH has released RPlan 9.0, the latest version of their collaborative project management suite of products.


In addition to significant upgrades to the existing RPlan product, version 9.0 adds two new modules:

In addition to the new modules, the RPlan Presentation Graphics module has been completely revised and is now available as an independent, extremely user-friendly module. Improved ergonomics and enhanced functions resulting from integration into RPlan Schedule Manager provide you with almost unlimited ways of graphically representing your schedules.


Template Software is an Actano partner, providing RPlan solutions for governemtn and commercial clients. We deliver complex, enterprise-wide solutions in record time for systems management, sensor data fusion, integration of disparate data sources and legacy systems, decision support, and modeling and simulation.


For more information contact Deborah Robinson at (703) 413-0594, or email at info@template.com.


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