Template Software's management team has a broad background in enterprise management, distributed computing, software architecture, and networking plus a successful track record in government and commercial sectors.


Executive Profiles



J. Kelly Brown
Chief Executive Officer

J. Kelly Brown

Mr. Brown is the Chairman and CEO of two employee-owned companies, Template Software and EMSolutions.  He has more than twenty-six years experience in advanced technology development including enterprise software solutions, large-scale systems integration, information technology consulting, and weapon systems development. Prior to founding EMSolutions and Template Software, Mr. Brown spent eleven years managing the Government Operations Division of an advanced software product company. His work included the development and customization of enterprise integration, workflow, and business process software technology. Mr. Brown was selected as AFEI Chairman in September 2006 and is also an NDIA Board Member.  He serves on the Board of Trustees for Capitol College and is co-chair of the Innovation and Leadership Institute. Mr. Brown was recognized for his superior management of acquisition and logistics programs when he received the 1997 Secretary of Defense Superior Management Award.  He holds a MS degree in Technology Management from American University and a BS degree in Electronic Engineering from Capitol College.



Richard P. Munro

Richard P. MunroMr. Munro has more than thirty-five years of leadership experience in military and corporate environments. Since 1998, Mr. Munro served as Program Manager for a large contract for Template Software Government Operations Division and as Director of the Government Services Sector. Prior to his contributions to Template, Mr. Munro spent his final two years in the U.S. Navy as Chief Financial Officer of Naval Aviation Programs. He also held major ashore and squadron commands. He holds a BS in Industrial Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology, a MBA in Financial Management from the University of Santa Clara, and is a Distinguished Graduate of the Naval War College.



Robert L. Brown
Vice President

Robert L. BrownMr. Brown has more than twenty years of management experience in enterprise security and administration. During the past nine years, Mr. Brown directed security and administrations for Template Software's Government Operations Division, later TSGS, Inc., a subsidiary of Level 8 Systems. He has experience with classified facility administration, security education, foreign compliance issues, contract administration, and security planning in both government and commercial environments. Previously, Mr. Brown held security and administrative positions with Riverside Research Institute, Arete Associates, and Quest Research Corporation. He served in the U.S. Army. He holds a BA in Government and Politics from George Mason University.



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