Template Software Announces SNAP® I2M

June 1, 2007, Arlington VA. Template Software announced the general release of SNAP® I2M, Intelligent Information Manager. SNAP I2M provides world-wide enterprise information sharing that converts data from disparate sources to actionable information in near real time. SNAP SNAP I2M’s web-based AI Technology organizes data, applies business logic and displays information so the enterprise can act collaboratively to improve productivity and performance.


In announcing the release of SNAP I2M, Richard Munro, President of Template Software said that "I2M builds on our experience in developing enterprise-level solutions for government and commercial clients over the past 10 years. Our first application of SNAP I2M, for a Fortune Ten global manufacturing company, will consolidate new product planning, integrating existing data with product plans across the corporation."


Dave Hillman, Template Vice President for Software Development, added that "With SNAP I2M, an organization can find new value in existing data by capturing business logic using SNAP I2M's built-in rule editor to create new information. We have already connected SNAP I2M to RPlan® , the collaborative project management system, to create new product plans based on corporate data. We plan to add support for additional third-party products in future releases."


Template Software is a leading provider of software products and services to develop collaborative command and control applications for mission critical systems. We deliver complex, enterprise-wide solutions in record time for systems management, sensor data fusion, integration of disparate data sources and legacy systems, decision support, and modeling and simulation.


For more information contact Scott Griset, I2M Product Manager, at (703) 413-0594, or email at info@template.com.


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