Transforming Global Automotive Product Development

Turning Data into Information into Action


Arlington, VA – December 6, 2007.  Template Software recently announced its flagship information sharing software, SNAP® Intelligent Information Manager (I2M), has been successfully deployed into full production at one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.  Meeting the demand to automate and integrate global product development processes, SNAP I2M was selected as a key enabling technology to implement their world-wide product development status and timing system.
SNAP I2M’s collaborative, data-driven, web-based system integrates globally dispersed business units and data allowing intelligent information sharing and coordination across the enterprise.  Connecting millions of part records and assembly data with more than 100,000 planning schedules, SNAP I2M is enabling savings in time and resources while greatly improving the integrity and consistency of the global vehicle planning process.
Template Software CEO, Kelly Brown, defined the success of the project in terms of the break-through value, commenting, “For the first time, inter-related functional areas responsible for planning the production of a vehicle are able to view and act on the same integrated set of data in real-time.” 
SNAP I2M has enabled a system approach that allows engineering data to drive the product development planning process, reducing errors, rework, and manpower intensive administrative activities.  As a result, program ramp-up takes place in less time, with less people, and with a higher level of quality by leveraging consistent global processes.
Built with a highly flexible and portable COTS platform that can dynamically adapt to a wide variety of domains, SNAP I2M offers exceptional value to organizations looking to optimize and integrate their data-driven processes.  Applicable across the automotive and greater manufacturing markets, SNAP I2M helps organizations save time, money, and resources through increased automation, consistency, and the intelligent integration of data and existing applications.
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